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Terms and Condition

Shutterent Legal Conditions.


  1. Scrutiny of personal details: The borrower must provide the store with their National Identity details such as AADHAAR CARD, DRIVING LICENSE (with local address). The items will be rented only after the information provided by the borrower is verified and found to be genuine. If the borrower is unable to provide a local address, then a Rental Agreement of the residence (i.e., current address) must be provided to the store. Such measures are taken to ensure the safety of the equipments and easy transaction between the borrower and the store.
  2. Rental Procedure: Bookings for equipments may be made up to four weeks ahead of the actual Rental Period. The borrower may borrow only after submitting the valid Identification Proof/Identity documents. Before any equipment is dispatched or personally collected from the ShutteRent store 100% payment for the entire rental period must be made. Bookings that are made over the telephone or email shall be confirmed only after the payment of entire rental amount is made in person or through electronic means.
  3. Cancellation: If any order is cancelled by the borrower before 3 working days from the date of commencement of the rental period, the borrower is eligible for the refund of 100% of the amount paid. If the borrower cancels the order before 2 working days from the date of commencement of rental period, the borrower is eligible for refund of 50% of the amount paid. If the order is cancelled the day before the commencement of rental period then the borrower is not eligible for refund of any amount of money.
  4. Returns: The borrower undertakes to return the equipment not later than the RETURN DATE. In any case of late returns the borrower will be charged EXTRA PERCENTAGE of amount as mentioned during the time of Agreement, based upon the demand of the product. If the borrower decides to return the equipment prior to the Return Date, the borrower shall not be eligible for any form of refund or reduction of the Rental Charges which were mutually agreed upon and the borrower shall accordingly have no claim whatsoever against ShutteRent in this regard.
    1. If the equipment on rent is not returned within 48hours after the expiry of the rental period and the borrower is not reachable by phone call/SMS/email or if ShutteRent discovers that any of the details provided by the borrower is false or misleading then ShutteRent will be forced to initiate recovery procedures including transferring the case to our legal advisors.
    2. If the equipment on rent is not returned even after the rental period expires and if the borrower fails to respond to phone call/SMS/email, ShutteRent holds rights to take legal action against the borrower.
  5. Damage/Loss of equipment:  In any case of loss or damage of the equipment or any accessory related to the equipment, the borrower shall immediately contact ShutteRent. It is explicit, like discussed during the time of booking and signing of agreement, that the borrower is completely responsible for any loss/damage caused to the equipment and associated accessories. In the case of loss of the equipment the customer agrees to pay ShutteRent the entire amount of money, for the replacement of the entire product or the customer agrees to replace the lost product with a new product on his/her own. In case of damage of the equipment, the borrower must inform ShutteRent immediately and follow the instructions to get it repaired at the earliest. In any case if the borrower fails to get the equipment repaired, then he/she must pay for the repair of the product at the ShutteRent store.


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